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Online Dyscalculia Assessments

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Accredited Dyscalculia Assessments and Diagnoses

I know how hard some young people find maths and how difficult it can be to get them the help they need. Having spent years in primary education and Learning Support departments, I became a specialist dyscalculia teacher and assessor in 2018. I carry out both dyscalculia screeners and full dyscalculia assessments remotely. The cost of the screener being taken off the full cost of the assessment if you decide to go ahead with this.

Diagnosing dyscalculia should only be done by specially trained assessors with an appropriate qualification at Level 7. I have done two Masters-level courses in diagnostic assessment and regularly update my training through accredited providers.


A vital part of the assessment process is to ensure that the assessee is as comfortable and relaxed as they can be, which can be tricky as maths often creates anxiety for students. This is part of the reason why I have chosen to assess remotely over Zoom: the client can be within their own surroundings and my experience tutoring online helps me to make the sessions as smooth and relaxed as possible. The majority of the materials I use during the assessment process have been specially developed to be used online and those that haven't can be sent through the post at no extra cost to the client.


With my understanding of maths anxiety and the very real difficulties that may be faced by the client when completing the maths assessment tasks, I pride myself in being able to make positive connections with my assessees and ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. The tests are spread over two or three sessions to ensure that the client doesn't become too tired and can be carried out either before school starts in the morning or during the first hour of the normal school day.

During the assessment process, the client is asked to provide information that will help me to understand their needs; all information is kept confidential and stored securely, according to my GDPR policy. Once the assessments tests have been administered, the report will be completed within 4 weeks.  The entire process of assessment, statistical analysis and report-writing takes a minimum of 10 hours so the fee for a full assessment is £450. I am happy to offer payment plans as I appreciate that this is an expensive service.

To find out more about my qualifications, assessment fees, to download an Assessment Information leaflet or to contact me for further information, please click on the links below.

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